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Content that says ‘carpe diem!’

Content opportunities are in front of you all the time. Knowing which ones to focus on is an art and a science. That’s why our team of digital analysts, brand strategists, grammarians, designers, videographers and storytellers work so well together to form a fantastic content marketing team. From tiny tweets to 2,000+ word articles, stunning photos, engaging videos, and everything in between, our creative agency is obsessed with creating killer content.

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Strategic storytelling and content management

Our team will partner with you to produce engaging content that attracts, retains and converts visitors into loyal customers, and it all starts with a content marketing strategy. Who is your audience? Where are they looking for answers? And, most importantly, how can you help them? These are some of the big questions that a strong content marketing strategy will answer.

Next we create a content calendar, which is a sustainable plan for when content will be rolled out, and on which platforms, based on the content marketing strategy. We share that map with you, which will lay out everything from important holidays and deadlines to social media post and article publication dates, while keeping consistent content production on track.


Hit the target with content amplification

This is where it gets super fun, because all that juicy content we’re creating together can’t find your customers by itself. We’ll create an expert social media marketing strategy to ensure that your content lands in the hands of its intended audience through organic posts and paid ad campaigns.

If your business doesn’t have the time or resources to research, create and analyze meaningful, relevant content crafted for your specific buyer personas, we’ve got your back. MCG’s team of in-house experts can create great content for you.

We research, optimize and craft content for you, and can even recommend the strongest social channels and publish your posts. From fresh copywriting, SEO and visual content design to giving existing content a facelift and repurposing content into multiple mediums, we’re your one-stop content marketing shop.

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