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Own a Business? These Articles Were Written Just For You!

From market trends to tech quick tips for business professionals, these articles will keep you forward thinking and moving.

Creating A Macro in Microsoft Excel (Tutorial)

A foolproof guide for increasing efficiency in Excel Excel often gets a bad rap. It is misunderstood as the groan-inducing, spreadsheet monster with tricky-to-navigate features. However, the truth about Excel lies in the user’s commitment to making the most out of the...

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Do “IT” Faster with Microsoft

Time is money, but most of us value both. Microsoft knows how important these two things are. They have developed some programs that will help you work faster with your computer or preferred device. This article will review some helpful features from Microsoft that...

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Office Lens

Office Lens Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to send someone a handwritten piece of paper or an illustration on a whiteboard? Microsoft has developed an app called Office Lens that works like a portable scanner, taking pictures of hard copy...

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Cyber Theft, A Real Threat To Small Businesses

Cybercrime is no longer a new phenomenon. The zeal with which cybercriminals have committed these offenses in the past has led to an outcry from businesses and organizations. Cybercriminals are constantly on the prowl for new sites to attack. They are continuously...

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